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We all love video games, and we already know you love video games a lot, since you are and you are going to hack league of legends for sure yor passion is huge, don't worry now with our lol rp generator you can get as many lol codes you need in just few moments . On the end you getting lol free points as well, since with the cards you can buy anything you want, and you can use them in the way you like . First when we made this generator we started very low stage, first we just hacked a small online store and we got about 3500 cards, then we had the idea to help out people and share thoose codes on facebook, only after couple months we actually had to idea to start a online website where we share the free cards, now our site is running 24/7 and we have our own mySql database where you can get the codes, we have two columns on our database, is column with $10 cards, and the $25 card column, each of them has to offer daily 4500 cards, so total about 9000 free cards .

LOL Codes

We know you all want lot of lol codes, but at the moment our limit is on free lol code per day, please don't abuse by that limit since you can hurt our database and we may have to block the site from public acces, be happy that our service is free and we don't ask no monthly subscribe or so . We notice most of you are switching the ip or using vps in order to get more then one free card per day, and some of them actually even succed to trick our system, but that's ugly from you guys, we work really hard to hack lol card storages weekly, just to help you all out get a decent card for free to play your favorite game, and what you guys do back? You trying to ***** us .

RP Generator

Our rp generator is very stabile at the moment, we succesfully decode from our database about 9000 cards daily, most of the codes, like a 95% works, some of them they may not work, since our system may show the same code to 2 persons, and we feel extremily sorry for that, but we just don't understand why is that happening, anyway even if such a thing happens to you just refresh the process and get a new one, and for sure you will get a working card . If you having a big error or so please send us a email and we will get back to you under 24/h with the right answer for you.