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How to get free lol codes

We know you all want to gett free lol codes, well isnt that easy if you don't know how to get them, me and my guys we are experts on hacking and mysq injection, we hacked lots of store and we got lots of free psn codes and league of legends as well, but you as a simple internet visitor you need the right tools in order to hack something, so there show up with our online generator you can get up to 1 code per day absolutetly free by just pushing couple buttons . All you have to do is to go to our generator, where you can choose from a $25 code to $10 code, we know this may look weird to you why we added this option for people to be able to choose from a big code and a smaller one, well when we hacked thoose storages we had find $25 codes and $10 code as well, so we giveaway both values, is up to you what code you choose, in some point we will get out of stock for the $25 codes and then we will stick with the $10 card codes .

Why free

We get this question all the time, why we give away the codes for free, all we want is to make the gamers happy, we believe nobody should pay for virtual stuff, that's just absolutetly crazy, everything should be free, maybe video games licence should have a price, but stuff like codes, cards etc is crazy to ask money for . Anyway you don't have to worry about it anymore, now with our lol rp generator you can get as money code you need, in a month you can actually get 30 card codes, which is awesome, at least my personal opinion .

When we get out of stock

Out of stock we get all most weekly, but we always update our mysql database more fresh card, you don't have to worry about, as long we keep find vulnerable stores the generator will still be alive, but off course we can't know for sure as long can offer you free card codes, maybe even over few weeks we may get out of stock and than maybe we can not find no more vulnerable storages, so "bye bye" free card codes, it posibile, but honestly i'm 80% sure that we still be able to offer you free codes at least one more year. Right now we have on our database exactly 7564 codes left, thoose codes will be generated by visitors on 5-6 days, and we have on waiting database more 150k code, so for sure we still be able to give you free codes for the next 3 months .